3 things I learnt yesterday

1) Andy Sturgeon is really really nice (sort of guessed that already, but turns out I was right)

2) It’s amazing how you don’t notice the rain and cold of a British August when you’re high on adrenaline and caffeine and have a radio transmitter velcroed to your upper thigh

3) Being filmed for the telly is not quite as terrifying as I thought it would be

So a TV crew came yesterday to film me and my ‘edible London’ garden for a show that’s going to be on in November and the lovely Andy was presenter. Naturally, being August, it rained so everything looked wet, but I’m hoping they can do amazing things with the wonders of television. And, obviously, being a publicity-hungry media hack, I’ll be letting any reader(s) of this blog know exactly when it’ll be on when I do.

Now, when I’ve finished pulling up all those plastic aubergine plants, I’m off to that darkened room…

2 thoughts on “3 things I learnt yesterday”

  1. Hello there! Glad yr telly debut went well – do let me know when you will be appearing. And, re your blog a few posts ago, who knows where it might lead? Toby Buckland watch out, that’s what I say…
    And yes, Andy Sturgeon is very very nice. I met him years ago when he had just written that trendy gardening book (Potted?) and was poised for stardom and then again at Chelsea a few years ago and he was EXACTLY the same.
    I’m sure you will not let the fame get to you, either….
    xx Elspeth
    PS About to move to railway carriages so M can start school next month. Dog is about to have puppies so it is all go.

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