Bitter late than never

So I said I would post a photo of my home forced chicory after a month. Mmm, this is slightly embarrassing. That was almost three months ago and… let’s just say I’m not buying the pear, stilton and walnuts quite yet. Sheesh, these are some slow chicons. Also they look rather brown in places, which I am trying to ignore.

I now realise that, when you shove the roots into the compost you have to avoid getting compost over the cut part of the leaves since otherwise it just stays there, rotting the leaves. In other scintillating updates I’ve had to evict a couple of slugs from the pots (next time I’ll check the pots for slugs before upending them on top) and remove some slimy outer leaves with my bare fingers (which was fun). I’m anticipating eating these chicons in around November by which time they will have been in the shed for so long that they will have to be salvaged in a recovery operation from under a giant pile of cardboard boxes. Bon appetit.