Here today, gone to marrow

It’s that time of the year when you look at your cupboard, see the unopened jars of green tomato chutney from last year and then look down at the giant cucurbit you’ve just hacked from the shrubbery and think ‘Can I really be bothered to do anything with this marrow?’ Would it be a crime not to even eat it? What if you put it on the front doorstep with a label? Here’s the story from this week’s Sunday Telegraph

As I was saying…

podcastlogoAt the risk of blatant self-promotion (actually, hang on, isn’t that what having a website is all about?), I’ve got to mention a little project I’ve been working on. I’m presenting The Greenwich Podcast, a magazine-style show all about the marvellous, quirky bit of London I live in. It’s been a blast to do and I really hope people like it. This opening edition combines tasting medieval ale with naked bathing and guerilla gardening… go on, have a listen

Mushy tomatoes and old French ladies

Latest Sunday Telegraph column here. I’m now safely home, tomato seeds stuck between kitchen paper  in a bottom drawer. Chances of forgetting what they are at some stage between now and next March and throwing them all in the bin? About 90 per cent I think. Oh, and please forgive the final repetitive paragraph – being a holiday-addled idiot I pressed send on the email before checking for errant copy… doh.