Salad maze


Green Conundrum No 2

As pondered while standing over the sink last night washing aphids, soil and the dark possibility of cat wee off salad leaves from the garden… Being a hypochondriac, and a pregnant one at that, I am a bit scared of toxoplasmosis so washed and rewashed every leaf of lettuce, mizuna, rocket, parsley and chive in the time it would probably have taken to walk to M&S, buy a bag of ready-washed salad, and tip it into a bowl. 

The question is this: does the fact the salad comes from the back garden as opposed to being transported by lorry and packaged in plastic cancel out the fact I’ve just wasted enough water to fill a small water butt?

I give up. My head hurts.

2 thoughts on “Salad maze”

  1. I always give everything a good wash but catch the water over a bowl, which then gets tipped into the water butt… hence no guilty conscience.

  2. I was like that when I was pregnant. I was more concerned about bagged salad and used to wash that religiously. I invested in a salad spinner, give it a really good wash (yes I used loads of water to) and spin it. I wasn’t growing my own salad then, although I am now and if I were pregnant yes I’d probably still be washing it really well but homegrown stuff looks so much less manky than stuff from a bag!

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