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IMG_7110finallowAlex Mitchell is a writer, garden designer and lecturer who has been obsessed with growing things she can eat for about 20 years. Before this, she was obsessed with television. On balance, gardening is healthier. For five years Alex wrote a column for The Sunday Telegraph about growing fruit and vegetables, first in a polytunnel in a muddy field, which often made her cry,  then in a little south London garden, which made her happy. She now gardens in a large space in Kent which makes her ecstatic though slightly overwhelmed. She writes features about gardening and food for The Daily Telegraph and The Sunday Telegraph and any other publication that will have her, with a particular interest in how to get the most out of small, urban spaces.

Alex’s writing and broadcasting career has been varied. She has sat next to Anne Diamond on the Esther Rantzen show, taken garden designer Andy Sturgeon around her garden on TV while seven months pregnant and the size of a small gazebo, given a talk on potatoes during which only one man fell asleep, been on a naked march in a flesh-coloured body stocking complete with merkin and and flown to Italy to write an article about bicycle seats for a magazine that then folded – but not before she got a free bicycle seat.

She has written four books, The Girl’s Guide to Growing Your Own – Or How to Grow Fruit and Vegetables Without Getting Your Hands Too Dirty, The Edible BalconyThe Rurbanite: Living in the Country Without Leaving the City and Gardening on a Shoestring. Alex is a lecturer at the online gardening school MyGardenSchool with her course Edible Gardening Made Easy. She also presented The Greenwich Podcast. In March 2014 she graduated with distinction from The English Gardening School with a diploma in Garden Design and is currently creating gardens in London and Kent.

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