The Girl’s Guide – consider it launched!

So Friday was the launch party for The Girl’s Guide to Growing Your Own – a fabulous and rather boozy affair in a gorgeous florist/plant shop on London’s Bermondsey Street called Igloo – the boozy part of the equation being helped by the fact that the shop also sells wine. Thanks to everyone who came – whether they were involved in some way in the book or just wanted a free glass of wine and a tortilla chip. And thanks to all who bought the book – apologies if my signature and written comments became unintelligible by the end of the evening.

Here’s me – in the flowery dress (I thought it was appropriate) standing next to my agent Heather Holden-Brown – saying a few words…


with some of the lovely guests…

me, isobel, siobhain

and, of course, who could forget the marvellous display of books, snapped proudly by my dad in his Man from Del Monte suit…


Thank you and goodnight

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