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I lecture at MyGardenSchool on growing fruit and vegetables for beginners. The course is Fruit and Vegetable Gardening for Beginners and is a fun and accessible intro to producing a cornucopia of edible loveliness in your garden however small your space. Video tutorials with me are interspersed with four useful assignments to get you up and running and I am always on hand for questions, from why your tomato leaves are brown to the best variety of strawberry to grow. Courses start at the beginning of each month. Book the course here


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Old news

February 2013

I spent a lovely day in Henley last week with Duncan and Elspeth from My Garden School re-recording my Edible Gardening Made Easy course in video form. So from March this year, it’s all going to be brand-spankingly media-tastic and students will see me jabbering away with gorgous photos behind rather than just hearing my voice. I added a few new bits too. Let the media revolution continue! Now I just need to get my head around Google +.


From April my course Edible Gardening Made Easy will be up and running over at MyGardenSchool, a buzzy new online tutorial hub of all things gardening from design to photography. My course Edible Gardening Made Easy is for all those who yearn to grow their own fruit and vegetables but don’t know where to start. It takes you through a whole year in the edible garden from scratch, telling you the best crops to grow and best way to grow them. No jargon, no show-offy technical stuff, no unnecessary heavy lifting – just no-nonsense advice to make a great fruit veg garden, however small your plot and busy your schedule.

I’ve written and recorded the 4-part lecture, which has loads of images and zingy graphics. And there’ll be homework, so no fidgeting at the back!

Click here if you want to find out more or book the course…

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