Fashionista Mr Fox

You leave your Birkenstocks outside for two nights and this happens…


Apologies, by the way, for the less than pristine soles – what do you expect, I’m a gardener? – but I draw your attention to the almost surgical way the leather has been snipped by, I’d put money on it, Mr Fox. Isn’t it creepy? It’s not like they had a good chow down on the foot-fragrant leather or took it off to their den to hoard it or anything animalistic like that. Instead it’s an act of discreet sabotage, a fashion critique, the nip of sartorial disapproval. Last year, they did it to the blue ones.  What do London foxes have against sensible German footwear?

2 thoughts on “Fashionista Mr Fox”

  1. yes, it does seem that foxes are a load of foot fetishists. But where are they getting them all from? Is there something about a visit to Kew that makes people forget to take their shoes home?

  2. I’m a volunteer guide at Kew and we regularly find single shoes in the gardens of a morning. It always seemed so mysterious, I always assumed they were left by bonkers people. I’ve realised lately it must be foxes whipping them away to nuzzle their smelliness / etc.

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