happiness is a bowl of cream (strawberries optional)

Concerned reader(s) will be relieved to know that my potato pique has subsided in the face of saturated fats. In other words, I’ve just eaten a bowl of strawberries and raspberries with double cream, straight from the garden, natch. Yesterday it was rhubarb with redcurrants (I don’t need to mention the cream again, it’s obviously compulsory.) Sometimes it all seems so very worth it. Only one thing. You know when you see a strawberry and think, that looks lovely but maybe I’ll give it one more day and it will be absolutely ripe and the most perfect thing ever? How do the little black slugs, who have totally ignored them until now, know that that is the very night to drill holes in them? Uncanny.

One thought on “happiness is a bowl of cream (strawberries optional)”

  1. Hi there I like your advice, but it would alwyas be best if you can actuly have some plants in front of you and show us exactly what your doing to the plant so we can see I have been asking how to prune or harvest a strawberry . I just want to know once the strawberry is ready to come off do you cut off the whole stem or just a part of it.. I would like a video of this to shwo me exactly where to cut once i pull of the strawberry.. thanks Kim

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