A pudding of summeriness

Never made a summer pudding before, but when you’ve got a total crop of 13 redcurrants, 2 blueberries, 6 ripe blackcurrants, five ripe raspberries and a whole ton of strawberries, it’s the obvious option. Seems like a traditional summer pudding doesn’t use strawberries at all, but I cobbled together various recipes from the internet – mainly using delia’s – and the sky didn’t fall in.

The key is to simmer the currants and blueberries for about five minutes and only add the softer fruit – the strawberries and raspberries – a few minutes from the end.

I’m always amazed when I follow a recipe and the result is edible. It’s also nice when growing fruit and vegetables in a garden 45×15 foot actually results in a proper dish – which turned out to be absolutely delicious of course (when are you ever going to hear a home-grown person saying otherwise?) –  as opposed to barefoot dressing-gown snacking. And I picked sweetpeas today and put them in an actual vase. Oh God, I’m turning into Martha Stewart. I’m sure at one stage I used to have a life, with a desk and a social life and lunch at Pret a Manger. I blame childcare.

2 thoughts on “A pudding of summeriness”

  1. Don’t bemoan turning into Martha Stewart – embrace it! (except the fraud, obviously). I also am finding in my 30s the immense pleasure from growing and eating my own food and how wonderful it can be to pick flowers and put them in a vase. And I don’t have kids to blame it on (but since most of my friends do, I also have no social life and I moved back north and Sheffield doesn’t have a Pret). My partner finds this alarming but he’s getting used to it.

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